• Invalid opcode fault
    RFLAG: 0000000000010246
    CS:    0000000000000023
    RIP:   00000000007D085F
    RAX:   1ADCB0AF86973F85 - free
    RCX:   0000000000990325
    RDX:   0000000000000002
    RDI:   00000180000F65A0
    RSI:   0000000000000002
    R8:    0000000000000002
    R9:    0000000000000010
    R10:   0000000000000000
    R11:   0000008000032500
    RBX:   1ADCB0AF86973F85
    RBP:   00000180000F66E0
    R12:   0000008000032590
    R13:   000000800001F7A0
    R14:   00000080000326D0
    R15:   0000000000000008
    FS:    0000000000000033
    TRACE: FFFFFE800012D5B8
      FFFFFE800012D5B8: FFFFFF000014A11C
      FFFFFE800012D618: FFFFFF000014A05B
      00000180000F66E0: 00000000007D6474 - return from __rust_dealloc in c::header::stdio::helpers::_fdopen
      00000180000F6720: 00000000007D1C7E - fopen
      00000180000F6760: 000000000066A1BB - return from openssl_fopen in file_ctrl
      00000180000F6780: 0000000000000001
     0000008000030072: EMPTY RETURN
    SIGNAL 4, CPU 0, PID ContextId(34)
    NAME simple
    Edited by Jeremy Soller
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