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  • Sometimes package compilation fails because of ("use of unstable library feature 'transpose_result'"). This is because rust cross-compiler built for 0.5.0 does not support this feature without explicit declaration, but later one does. So #![feature(transpose_result)] was removed after 0.5.0 release from redox_syscall library. But recipes from redox 0.5.0 don't specify concrete version of this dependency and cargo tries to use redox_syscal v0.1.54 (without feature declaration already) and compilation fails. Solutions are:

    • hardcode path to local redox_syscall (0.1.51 for redox 0.5.0): redox_syscall = { path = "/home/mich/redox-old/redox5/kernel/syscall/"}
    • use cargo override : change version of local redox_syscall to 0.1.54 and add paths = ["/home/mich/redox-old/redox5/kernel/syscall/"] to ~/.cargo/config (about)
    Edited by Mikhail Chystsiakou
  • I've had the drivers recipe fail building because it references a SHA for mio-uds that doesn't exist as far as I can tell ( To get around this, I manually set the Cargo.lock for drivers to something I'd thought would work. May be a better procedure here but this worked for me.

    diff --git a/Cargo.lock b/Cargo.lock                                                                                                                          
    index b1852a7..9d29638 100644
    --- a/Cargo.lock
    +++ b/Cargo.lock
    @@ -329,8 +329,8 @@ dependencies = [
     name = "mio-uds"
    -version = "0.6.6"
    -source = "git+"                                                        
    +version = "0.6.7"
    +source = "git+"                                                        
     dependencies = [
      "iovec 0.1.2 (registry+",
      "libc 0.2.48 (registry+",
  • Similar issue with the netstack and netutils recipie

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