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Add ptrace exit breakpoint

This will let you stop at process exit and inspect it right before the
process dies.
parent f49822d8
......@@ -426,13 +426,26 @@ pub fn ptrace() -> Result<(), String> {
let mut tracer = e(tracer.blocking())?;
println!("Checking exit syscall...");
e(next(&mut tracer, Flags::STOP_PRE_SYSCALL | Flags::FLAG_IGNORE))?;
e(next(&mut tracer, Flags::STOP_PRE_SYSCALL | Flags::STOP_EXIT | Flags::FLAG_IGNORE))?;
let regs = e(tracer.regs.get_int())?;
assert_eq!(regs.rax, syscall::SYS_EXIT);
assert_eq!(regs.rdi, 123);
assert_eq!(next(&mut tracer, Flags::STOP_POST_SYSCALL).unwrap_err().raw_os_error(), Some(syscall::ESRCH));
println!("Checking exit breakpoint...");
let event = e( | Flags::STOP_EXIT))?;
assert_eq!(event.cause, Flags::STOP_EXIT);
match {
EventData::StopExit(status) => {
assert_eq!(syscall::wexitstatus(status), 123);
ref e => return Err(format!("Wrong event type: {:?}", e))
println!("Checking exit status (waitpid nohang)...");
assert_eq!(next(&mut tracer, Flags::STOP_POST_SYSCALL | Flags::STOP_EXIT).unwrap_err().raw_os_error(), Some(syscall::ESRCH));
let mut status = 0;
e(syscall::waitpid(pid, &mut status, syscall::WNOHANG))?;
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