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Explain kernel-to-userspace usecase.

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......@@ -245,6 +245,10 @@ userspace-to-kernel-mode; it shares the same properties as with the other, but
the roles are reversed. A scheme may at any time receive a request to attach an
`io_uring` where the kernel is the producer, and this will happen at most once.
The kernel is free to use this `io_uring` whenever it wants asynchronous I/O on
a scheme that supports it, for example if a userspace-to-kernel `io_uring`
wrote to a file descriptor owned by that scheme.
One noteworthy difference between userspace-to-userspace plus
kernel-to-userspace, and userspace-to-kernel, is that the file descriptor
numbers are local to the target scheme in the userspace-to-userspace case.
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