Commit f603e117 authored by Matthias Bussonnier's avatar Matthias Bussonnier
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Bind pageup and Pagedown to have a default action.

Settle on the same thing as Up/Down for now.
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......@@ -106,8 +106,8 @@ impl<'a, W: Write> KeyMap<'a, W, Emacs<'a, W>> for Emacs<'a, W> {
Key::Ctrl(c) => self.handle_ctrl_key(c),
Key::Left => self.ed.move_cursor_left(1),
Key::Right => self.ed.move_cursor_right(1),
Key::Up => self.ed.move_up(),
Key::Down => self.ed.move_down(),
Key::Up|Key::PageUp => self.ed.move_up(),
Key::Down|Key::PageDown => self.ed.move_down(),
Key::Home => self.ed.move_cursor_to_start_of_line(),
Key::End => self.ed.move_cursor_to_end_of_line(),
Key::Backspace => self.ed.delete_before_cursor(),
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