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extern crate liner;
extern crate termion;
extern crate regex;
use std::mem::replace;
use std::env::{args, current_dir};
use std::io;
use liner::{Context, CursorPosition, Event, EventKind, FilenameCompleter};
use termion::color;
use regex::Regex;
// This prints out the text back onto the screen
fn highlight_dodo(s: &str) -> String {
let reg_exp = Regex::new("(?P<k>dodo)").unwrap();
let format = format!("{}$k{}", color::Fg(color::Red), color::Fg(color::Reset));
reg_exp.replace_all(s, format.as_str()).to_string()
fn main() {
let mut con = Context::new();
let history_file = args().nth(1);
match history_file {
Some(ref file_name) => println!("History file: {}", file_name),
None => println!("No history file"),
// We set the file name, then check if we set it, and if we set it properly, we load it in
if con.history.file_name().is_some() {
loop {
// Reads the line, the first arg is the prompt, the second arg is a function called on every bit of text leaving liner, and the third is called on every key press
// Basically highlight_dodo(read_line()), where on every keypress, the lambda is called
let res = con.read_line("[prompt]$ ",
&mut |Event { editor, kind }| {
if let EventKind::BeforeComplete = kind {
let (_, pos) = editor.get_words_and_cursor_position();
// Figure out of we are completing a command (the first word) or a filename.
let filename = match pos {
// If we are inside of a word(i is the index inside of the text, and if that
// position is over zero, we return true
CursorPosition::InWord(i) => i > 0,
// If we are in a space like this `cat | cart` or cat |
// checks if there is a word to our left(indicated by there being Some value)
CursorPosition::InSpace(Some(_), _) => true,
// Checks if there is no word to our left(indicated by there being None value)
CursorPosition::InSpace(None, _) => false,
// If we are on the left edge of a word, and the position of the cursor is
// greater than or equal to 1, return true
CursorPosition::OnWordLeftEdge(i) => i >= 1,
// If we are on the right edge of the word
CursorPosition::OnWordRightEdge(i) => i >= 1,
// If we are not in a word with pos over zero, or in a space with text beforehand,
// or on the left edge of a word with pos >= to 1, or on the Right edge of a word
// under the same condition, then
// This condition is only false under the predicate that we are in a space with no
// word to the left
if filename {
let completer = FilenameCompleter::new(Some(current_dir().unwrap()));
replace(&mut editor.context().completer, Some(Box::new(completer)));
} else {
// Delete the completer
replace(&mut editor.context().completer, None);
// We are out of the lambda, and res is the result from read_line which is an Into<String>
match res {
Ok(res) => {
match res.as_str() {
"emacs" => {
con.key_bindings = liner::KeyBindings::Emacs;
println!("emacs mode");
"vi" => {
con.key_bindings = liner::KeyBindings::Vi;
println!("vi mode");
"exit" | "" => {
// If all else fails, do nothing
_ => {}
// If we typed nothing, don't continue down to pushing to history
if res.is_empty() {
// If there was an error, get what type it was(remember, we still are in the match{}
// from waaay above)
Err(e) => {
match e.kind() {
// ctrl-c pressed
io::ErrorKind::Interrupted => {}
// ctrl-d pressed
io::ErrorKind::UnexpectedEof => {
_ => {
// Ensure that all writes to the history file
// are written before exiting due to error.
panic!("error: {:?}", e)
// End loop
// Ensure that all writes to the history file are written before exiting.
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