Commit b9e03cba authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller

Implement __tls_get_addr

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......@@ -10,7 +10,18 @@ pub struct dl_tls_index {
pub extern "C" fn __tls_get_addr(ti: *mut dl_tls_index) -> *mut c_void {
//TODO: Figure out how to implement this
pub unsafe extern "C" fn __tls_get_addr(ti: *mut dl_tls_index) -> *mut c_void {
trace!("__tls_get_addr({:p}: {:#x}, {:#x})", ti, (*ti).ti_module, (*ti).ti_offset);
if let Some(tcb) = Tcb::current() {
if let Some(tls) = tcb.tls() {
if let Some(masters) = tcb.masters() {
if let Some(master) = masters.get((*ti).ti_module as usize) {
let addr = tls.as_mut_ptr().add(master.offset + (*ti).ti_offset as usize);
trace!("__tls_get_addr({:p}: {:#x}, {:#x}) = {:p}", ti, (*ti).ti_module, (*ti).ti_offset, addr);
return addr as *mut c_void;
panic!("__tls_get_addr({:p}: {:#x}, {:#x}) failed", ti, (*ti).ti_module, (*ti).ti_offset);
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