Verified Commit a8b31ad8 authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller
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Use 2020-07-27 nightly, it has rustfmt

parent 995165c0
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
[submodule "rust"]
path = rust
url =
branch = redox-2020-08-01
branch = redox-2020-07-27
[submodule "redoxfs"]
path = redoxfs
url =
Subproject commit f2c2d7c52ec59e86522c71f1747284dec56da341
Subproject commit 12777ba774be39d554ebda1242858bdb868f7bdc
Subproject commit f356d3559a44e0070d273893e0213a6bf95c04f0
Subproject commit 6ab9e2656b8aa3d43c4977cc09a098dec7bcdafd
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