Commit 1d65d1e1 authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller Committed by Ryan Hunt

Fix to_repr_c of PrimitiveType::USize to match PrimitiveType::ISize

parent 8a5fd250
......@@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ impl PrimitiveType {
&PrimitiveType::UInt => "unsigned int",
&PrimitiveType::ULong => "unsigned long",
&PrimitiveType::ULongLong => "unsigned long long",
&PrimitiveType::USize => "size_t",
&PrimitiveType::USize => "uintptr_t",
&PrimitiveType::UInt8 => "uint8_t",
&PrimitiveType::UInt16 => "uint16_t",
&PrimitiveType::UInt32 => "uint32_t",
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