Verified Commit 9a59ef94 authored by jD91mZM2's avatar jD91mZM2

Delete ptrace-related TODO

parent 266d7817
......@@ -422,8 +422,12 @@ pub unsafe fn regs_for_mut(context: &mut Context) -> Option<&mut InterruptStack>
pub fn with_context_memory<F>(context: &Context, offset: VirtualAddress, len: usize, f: F) -> Result<()>
where F: FnOnce(*mut u8) -> Result<()>
// TODO: Is using USER_TMP_MISC_OFFSET safe? I guess make sure
// it's not too large.
// As far as I understand, mapping any regions following
// USER_TMP_MISC_OFFSET is safe because no other memory location
// is used after it. In the future it might be necessary to define
// a maximum amount of pages that can be mapped in one batch,
// which could be used to either internally retry `read`/`write`
// in `proc:<pid>/mem`, or return a partial read/write.
let start = Page::containing_address(VirtualAddress::new(crate::USER_TMP_MISC_OFFSET));
let mut active_page_table = unsafe { ActivePageTable::new() };
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