Commit 4866438e authored by Robin Randhawa's avatar Robin Randhawa
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prefix: Hack around the rust-install rule's inability to generate libstd


This may not be the right solution but it works for the moment. Credit
to a4ldo2 for the tip.
parent f007b05c
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ $(PREFIX)/relibc-install: $(ROOT)/relibc | $(PREFIX)/rust-install
cp -r "$(PREFIX)/rust-install" "$@.partial"
rm -rf "$@.partial/$(TARGET)/include/"*
cp -r "$(PREFIX)/rust-install/$(TARGET)/include/c++" "$@.partial/$(TARGET)/include/c++"
cp -r "$(PREFIX)/rust-install/lib/rustlib/$(HOST_TARGET)/lib/" "$@.partial/lib/rustlib/$(HOST_TARGET)/"
cp -r "$(PREFIX)/rust-freestanding-install/lib/rustlib/$(HOST_TARGET)/lib/" "$@.partial/lib/rustlib/$(HOST_TARGET)/"
rm -rf $@.partial/lib/rustlib/src
mkdir $@.partial/lib/rustlib/src
ln -s $(ROOT)/rust $@.partial/lib/rustlib/src
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