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- [Installing the toolchain](./getting_started/
- [Preparing the build](./getting_started/
- [Compiling Redox](./getting_started/
- [Exploring Redox](./getting_started/
- [Trying Out Redox](./getting_started/
- [Questions and feedback](./getting_started/
- [Exploring Redox](./explore/
Exploring Redox
Trying Out Redox
Use F2 key to get to a login shell. User `user` can login without password. For `root`, the password is `password` for now. `help` lists builtin commands for your shell (ion). `ls /bin` will show a list of applications you can execute.
......@@ -10,12 +10,15 @@ Use the F1 key to get back to kernel output.
Sodium is Redox's Vi-like editor. In the menu-bar, pick the icon with `Na` on it. This should now open up an editor window.
Sodium is Redox's Vi-like editor. To try it out,
1. Open the terminal by clicking the icon in the button bar
2. Type `sudo pkg install sodium` to install Sodium. You will need network for this.
3. Type `sodium`. This should now open up a separate editor window.
A short list of the Sodium defaults:
- `hjkl`: Navigation.
- `ia`: Go to insert mode.
- `hjkl`: Navigation keys.
- `ia`: Go to insert/append mode.
- `;`: Go to command-line mode.
- shift-space: Go to normal mode.
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