Commit 0231e448 authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller

Print out more values

parent d15635e2
......@@ -162,21 +162,27 @@ impl Xhci {
println!(" - Enabled Slots: {}", & 0xFF);
// Set device context address array pointer
println!(" - Write DCBAAP");
let dcbaap = self.devices.dcbaap();
println!(" - Write DCBAAP: {:X}", dcbaap);
self.op.dcbaap.write(dcbaap as u64);
// Set command ring control register
println!(" - Write CRCR");
let crcr = self.cmd.crcr();
println!(" - Write CRCR: {:X}", crcr);
self.op.crcr.write(crcr as u64);
// Set event ring segment table registers
println!(" - Interrupter 0: {:X}", as usize);
println!(" - Write ERSTZ");[0].erstsz.write(1);
println!(" - Write ERDP");[0].erdp.write( as u64);
println!(" - Write ERSTBA: {:X}", as u64);[0].erstba.write( as u64);
let erdp =;
println!(" - Write ERDP: {:X}", erdp);[0].erdp.write(erdp as u64);
let erstba =;
println!(" - Write ERSTBA: {:X}", erstba);[0].erstba.write(erstba as u64);
// Set run/stop to 1
println!(" - Start");
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