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Add submodules.

more modules.

remove plain
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......@@ -7,3 +7,45 @@
[submodule "pthreads-emb"]
path = pthreads-emb
url =
[submodule "deps/cbitset"]
path = deps/cbitset
url =
[submodule "deps/"]
path = deps/
url =
[submodule "deps/libm"]
path = deps/libm
url =
[submodule "deps/memoffset"]
path = deps/memoffset
url =
[submodule "deps/num-traits"]
path = deps/num-traits
url =
[submodule "deps/rand"]
path = deps/rand
url =
[submodule "deps/rngs"]
path = deps/rngs
url =
[submodule "deps/rust"]
path = deps/rust
url =
[submodule "deps/rust-memchr"]
path = deps/rust-memchr
url =
[submodule "deps/spin-rs"]
path = deps/spin-rs
url =
[submodule "deps/winapi-rs"]
path = deps/winapi-rs
url =
[submodule "deps/bitflags"]
path = deps/bitflags
url =
[submodule "deps/"]
path = deps/
url =
[submodule "deps/redox_syscall"]
path = deps/redox_syscall
url =
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Subproject commit af261735b894e92a78b2d0e282992e9d2786ecf3
Subproject commit 99cc9c770c1edffa0a9db74e9f906c4d745fdc13
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Subproject commit 32ecd2d7eba1cec2d74e7f6100be0ee81211bb51
Subproject commit 7beb335c230055fcfc4361db065fa62a500eaf1a
Subproject commit df59b8fd21a51ad11b0e70deef7c783dcf6605d3
Subproject commit 80989c0cc6d4ad50c9785254c1b9b4d453030155
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