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title = "Cross-compiling to Redox using Nix"
author = "Aaron Janse"
date = "2020-07-20T12:00:00+05:00"
<img class="img-responsive" src="/img/screenshot/nix-build-hexyl.png" alt="Cross-compiling a package to Redox using Nix" />
# Introduction
Nixpkgs recently merged [PR #93568](, allowing the Nix package manager to cross-compile packages to Redox.
As expected, few of Nixpkgs's 60,000 packages cross-compile to Redox without failing. I've created [redoxpkgs](, a wrapper around Nixpkgs to fix broken packages, with the hope that some patches will eventually be adapted upstream.
Nix has several properties that make cross-compiling to Redox pleasant. First, Nix reproducibly compiles packages, meaning that if a build works on my system, it should work on yours, too. Second, Nix allows porting packages en mass. A single change to a toolchain package could make a large number of packages suddenly compatible with Redox. Or, if needed, a patch could be automatically applied to the build process of every package of a given language being cross-compiled to Redox.
To get started, after installing Nix, simply checkout the Redox overlay (linked above) then run `nix-build`, specifying [which package]( you want to cross-compile:
$ git clone
$ cd redoxpkgs
$ nix-build . -A hexyl
At the time of writing, few packages have been ported, but I hope to change that over time.
I plan to eventually setup a small Nix package cache for Redox. In the meantime, expect your first build to take a long time as Nix builds the Redox toolchain from source.
# Going Forward
The future of Nix and Redox depends mostly on reception by the respective communities and how well the two systems work together long-term. It would be cool to port Nix to run on Redox itself so that packages can be built and installed on Redox rather than cross-compiled then copied from a Linux machine.
In theory, if enough packages are ported, the Redox ISOs themselves could be declaratively compiled using Nix. In the meantime, though, I plan to focus my efforts elsewhere, dogfooding my Nix toolchain as I continue to contribute to Redox.
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