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Redox OS 0.6.0

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title = "Redox OS 0.6.0"
author = "jackpot51"
date = "2020-12-24"
**You can download the 0.6.0 images**
## Overview
A number of new projects have been introduced during this release cycle, and
many improvements have been landed. Very many bugs have been squashed. This list
is an extreme over-simplification of the thousands of commits done since the
last release. Hopefully, releases will happen more often so this is not always
the case.
- [rmm](, a complete rewrite of
the kernel memory manager. This has eliminated kernel memory leaks, which became
quite an issue with the previous memory manager. Additionally, multi-core
support is far more stable.
- Much of the work of RSoC, sponsored by donations to Redox OS, has been
integrated into this new release. This includes work on ptrace, strace, gdb,
disk partitioning, logging, io_uring, and more.
- [relibc]( has seen a large amount
of work, culminating in improvements for anything that depends on it (i.e.
everything in userspace).
- [pkgar]( is a new package format.
It is much faster to create and extract than the previous tar format.
- [cookbook]( has been redesigned
to support a new rust-based build system. This build system uses toml files
instead of shell scripts, and a number of packages have been ported to it.
- A large portion of this release cycle was spent struggling with a breaking
change in Rust nightlies, where the `asm` macro was redesigned. This change was
completed many months ago, but other issues kept us from a release.
## Code Changes
Please use the following links to see many of the code changes since the last
- [redox](
- [cookbook](
- [kernel](
- [relibc](
- Many other repositories have changed, but are not tracked in the main Redox
repository. I encourage you to browse through our
[projects on the Redox OS GitLab](
## Discussion
Links will be added here as they are posted
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