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## Jackpot51
Jackpot51, or Jeremy Soller, is the creator, maintainer, and lead developer of Redox OS.
Jackpot51, eller Jeremy Soller, er Redox OS' stifter, maintainer og ledende udvikler.
You can donate to Jackpot51 the following ways:
Du kan donere til Jackpot51 på følgende måder:
- [Patreon](
- [Liberapay](
......@@ -14,5 +14,5 @@ You can donate to Jackpot51 the following ways:
- [Bitcoin](bitcoin:1MD8PqWMUhNPBR6YhYUUgrztEJ6StkxGQK) 1MD8PqWMUhNPBR6YhYUUgrztEJ6StkxGQK
- [Ethereum](ethereum:0xa0589F36202c6dFFB0e3e0aCAEa5D62c0f5469ce) 0xa0589F36202c6dFFB0e3e0aCAEa5D62c0f5469ce
The following patrons have donated $4 or more to Jackpot51 for use in developing Redox OS:
Følgende bidragydere har doneret $4 eller mere til Jackpot51 til brug for udvikling i Redox OS:
{{% partial "donors/jackpot51.html" %}}
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