Commit 16d03e2a authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller

Add flex and bison to gitlab ci file, update cookbook and relibc

parent 4e8015d8
......@@ -7,9 +7,11 @@ before_script:
- |
apt-get update -qq &&
apt-get install -qq \
bison \
build-essential \
curl \
dosfstools \
flex \
fuse \
genisoimage \
git \
Subproject commit 0c47839c2c8f2cd3f5f990bda07e1c54bea5feed
Subproject commit c656918ea34828a3005f5ceb968a89a3a18fa797
Subproject commit 9790289aec9c778be3a3e7ba94358f2c6b3cbea7
Subproject commit de432712045ee7ce72912c028d40d8ddff23d2c8
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