Commit 46c685ac authored by Nick Clifton's avatar Nick Clifton

Fix typo in documentation of assembler's .dc directive.

	* doc/as.texinfo (Dc): Fix typo.
parent 6838f2be
2018-02-26 Nick Clifton <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Dc): Fix typo.
2018-02-26 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/gas/mips/reginfo-2.l: Update.
......@@ -5064,7 +5064,7 @@ to zero.
@section @code{.dc[@var{size}] @var{expressions}}
@cindex @code{dc} directive
The @code{.dc} directive expects zero of more @var{expressions} separated by
The @code{.dc} directive expects zero or more @var{expressions} separated by
commas. These expressions are evaluated and their values inserted into the
current section. The size of the emitted value depends upon the suffix to the
@code{.dc} directive:
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