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rapid navigation for intended audiences new users and wanna-be os coders

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This is the Redox book, which will go through (almost) everything about Redox: design, philosophy, how it works, how you can contribute, how to deploy Redox, and much more.
Welcome to the book about the Redox Rust-built Microkernel Operating System and Complete Suite of Applications. Redox promises the Rust trifecta(safety, speed, and concurrency) flows everywhere from the microkernel to the application suite. The intended audience of this book falls under a few categories:
- new users learning how to download, install and use a computer with REDOX, a very different plumbing from that usually found on computers. This is not Microsoft Windows nor MacOS/IOS nor Android nor UNIX.
- individuals inclined to learn about high/low-level concepts of how REDOX operating system actually works, aspects that will help wanna-be operating system programmers wind-up and contribute to the REDOX ecosystem. The intended audience are expected to become comfortable with reading C and Rust code and become unafraid of skimming through and tweaking code written by others. The REDOX team aims to entirely replace all C low-level code usually found in other operating systems with Rust. All wanna-be system programmers, all walks of life and of all ages are welcome to learn and contribute.
Now navigate to the topics you want quickly:
- Download/Install/Run Redox(For New Users, keyboard shortcuts)
- Fetch/Build/Run from Sources(For the Wanna-be Programmers)
- Install New Apps With Pkgar(and other Package Management Tasks)
- Progress Dashboard(what works/what doesn't/on what hardware targets)
- Documentation(design, low/high-level concepts components)
- Contact
- About
- Contribute
No Screenshots.
A video of the desktop being used in the background of the above page content.
It could be a series of different clips of the desktop doing different things above like downloading redox, fetching/building/running from Redox sources, installing a new app with pkgar, displaying the progress dashboard.
Something like this:
- [google arts and culture](
- [dromoland](
*Please note that this book is currently being (re)written.*
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