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add a blurb about updating rust, updating xargo, and the updating redox sources cycle.

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......@@ -76,6 +76,49 @@ $ export PATH=${PATH}:~/.cargo/bin
This line can be added to your shell start-up file, like .bashrc, so that it is automatically set up for you in future.
Updating Rust
Get into the habit to update your rust nightly toolchain whenever you can to get all the goodness going into it ASAP.
rustup update
Updating Xargo
Sometimes xargo gets updated too. Please use the "--force" in order to fetch any updates for xargo to be installed.
cargo install xargo --force
Updating/Building Redox Sources Cycle
Currently, the best way to update the Redox Sources is the following:
Update repository and all submodules to latest version
make pull
Update cookbook recipe source
make fetch
Ensure a rebuild of the filesystem image occurs
touch filesystem.toml
Actually being building the default image
Finally run default image in QEMU
make qemu
Next steps
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