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Asking questions, giving feedback, or anything else
Questions, Feedback, Reporting Issues
The quickest and most open way to **communicate with the Redox team** is on our **chat server**. Currently, you can only get an invite by sending an email request to [](, which might take a little while, since it's not automated. Simply say you'd like to join the chat. We're working on a better way to do this, but this is the best way right now.
Join the [Redox-os Chat Server]. It is the best method to **chat with the Redox-os team**. Hang out with other Redox-os fans!
The Redox-os Chat Server holds many channels focusing on different aspects of redox-os development and usage.
Send an email to []( and simply say you'd like to join the chat.
Alternatively you can use [our Forum].
Alternatively you can use [our Discourse Redox-os Forum].
[our Forum]:
If you would like to report Redox-Os Issues, please do so here [Gitlab Redox Project Issues] and click the [New Issue] button.
[our Discourse Redox-os Forum]:
[Gitlab Redox Project Issues]:
[Redox-os Chat Server]:
[New Issue]:
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