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Replace "kernel" with filename.

parent 59a373b4
......@@ -289,11 +289,11 @@ enum Filetype {
fn load_to_memory<D: Disk>(os: &mut dyn Os<D, impl Iterator<Item=OsVideoMode>>, fs: &mut redoxfs::FileSystem<D>, filename: &str, filetype: Filetype) -> &'static mut [u8] {
fs.tx(|tx| {
let node = tx.find_node(redoxfs::TreePtr::root(), filename)
.expect("Failed to find kernel file");
.unwrap_or_else(|err| panic!("Failed to find {} file: {}", filename, err));
let size =;
print!("Kernel: 0/{} MiB", size / MIBI as u64);
print!("{}: 0/{} MiB", filename, size / MIBI as u64);
let ptr = os.alloc_zeroed_page_aligned(size as usize);
if ptr.is_null() {
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