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Update the README for build script instructions

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......@@ -11,8 +11,31 @@ This project can be used to generate C bindings for Rust code. It is currently b
## Use
### Command line
`cbindgen crate/ crate/bindings.h`
See `cbindgen --help` for more options.
### ``
`cbindgen` can also be used in build scripts. How this fits into compiling the native code depends on your project.
Here's an example script:
extern crate cbindgen;
use cbindgen::{Config, Library};
fn main() {
let config = Config::default();
Library::load("../build-script", &config)
.write_to_file(&config, "bindings.h");
## Examples
See `examples/` for some examples of rust source that can be handled.
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