Commit 5c7f88a3 authored by Ryan Hunt's avatar Ryan Hunt
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Remove trailing comma

parent 58caa33f
......@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ rename_args = "[None|GeckoCase|LowerCase|UpperCase|PascalCase|CamelCase|SnakeCas
# A rule to use to rename field names
rename_fields = "[None|GeckoCase|LowerCase|UpperCase|PascalCase|CamelCase|SnakeCase|ScreamingSnakeCase|QualifiedScreamingSnakeCase]"
# Whether to generate helper template specialization for generics
generic_template_specialization = true,
generic_template_specialization = true
# Whether to derive an operator== for all structs
derive_eq = false
# Whether to derive an operator!= for all structs
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