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name = "wr-binding"
name = "cbindgen"
version = "0.1.0"
authors = ["Jeff Muizelaar <>"]
authors = ["Jeff Muizelaar <>", "Kartikaya Gupta <>", "Ryan Hunt <>"]
version = "0.11.8"
features = ["full"]
homepage = ""
repository = ""
exclude = ["examples/**"]
This project can be used to generate C bindings for rust code. In particular it will be used for generating a C API for webrender.
# `cbindgen`
Steps to use:
- cargo run path/to/mozilla/gfx/webrender\_bindings > path/to/mozilla/gfx/webrender\_bindings/webrender\_ffi\_generated.h
- Compile and test your mozilla build. Deal with any errors by fixing the wr-binding generator or other things in the mozilla tree.
This project can be used to generate C bindings for rust code. It is currently being developed to support creating bindings for [WebRender](
The first step above will spew a bunch of output to stderr - you can ignore it unless the run fails. The way wr-binding works
is by processing the .rs files and looking for function signatures with the `no_mangle` attribute on them. These functions will
have C signatures generated. Furthermore, the generator looks for structs with `repr(C)` and enums with `repr(u32)`, and if they
are used by the `no_mangle` functions, generates bindings for those as well. If you try to use a struct that is not `repr(C)` or
an enum that is not `repr(u32)` the generator will just ignore it and you will probably get a build failure in your mozilla
## Use
Future work:
- Make wr-binding generate even more things, so that webrender\_ffi.h is minimal.
`cbindgen path_to_crate > autogen.h`
## How it works
1. All the structs, enums, type aliases, and functions that are representable in C are gathered
2. A dependency graph is built using the extern "C" functions as roots
* This removes unneeded types from the bindings and sorts the structs that depend on each other
3. Some code generation is done to specialize generics that are specified as type aliases
3. The items are printed in dependency order in C syntax
## Future work
1. Add code for customizing bindings and removing code specific to WebRender
2. Improve the CLI
3. Better logging
4. Sort the output types better
5. Better support for types with fully specified names
6. Add a validation step
7. ...
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