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    Orbital (#16) · 815c471a
    Jeremy Soller authored
    * Port previous ethernet scheme
    * Add ipd
    * Fix initfs rebuilds, use QEMU user networking addresses in ipd
    * Add tcp/udp, netutils, dns, and network config
    * Add fsync to network driver
    * Add dns, router, subnet by default
    * Fix e1000 driver. Make ethernet and IP non-blocking to avoid deadlocks
    * Add orbital server, WIP
    * Add futex
    * Add orbutils and orbital
    * Update libstd, orbutils, and orbital
    Move ANSI key encoding to vesad
    * Add orbital assets
    * Update orbital
    * Update to add login manager
    * Add blocking primitives, block for most things except waitpid, update orbital
    * Wait in waitpid and IRQ, improvements for other waits
    * Fevent in root scheme
    * WIP: Switch to using fevent
    * Reorganize
    * Event based e1000d driver
    * Superuser-only access to some network schemes, display, and disk
    * Superuser root and irq schemes
    * Fix orbital
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