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    sed portability fixes in fixincludes · b795c8d1
    rwild authored
    	PR testsuite/29737
    	PR bootstrap/35938
    	PR testsuite/39655
    	* check.tpl: Fix typos.
    	* README: Likewise.  Also, document that 'select' uses ERE.
    	* mkheaders.in: Update copyright years in --version output.
    	* inclhack.def (sco_math): Add missing final newline in sed
    	script 'a', 'c', or 'i' commands, for BSD sed.
    	(sco_math): In the text of 'a', 'c', or 'i' sed
    	commands, prepend leading white space with a backslash to avoid
    	the whitespace to be removed by BSD sed.
    	(sco_math): Match plain 'C++' instead of 'C\+\+' in sed regex.
    	(x11_new): Fix sed expression, for BSD sed.
    	(glibc_mutex_init): Fix newlines in sed 's' command replacement
    	part, for GNU sed 3.02 and Solaris sed.
    	(glibc_mutex_init): Replace unportable \+ sed regex operator
    	with \{1,\}.
    	(glibc_c99_inline_2, glibc_mutex_init): Avoid unportable sed
    	alternation \| regex operator.
    	(solaris_complex): Remove superfluous backslashes from
    	replacement string.  Replace \+ operator with \{1,\}.
    	* tests/base/Xm/Traversal.h: This is fixed for BSD sed now.
    	* fixincl.x: Regenerate.
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