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......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ Since Ion does not support autocompletion via plugins, a lot of oh-my-zsh plugin
| docker | Not happening |
| docker-compose | Planned |
| docker-compose | Done |
| docker-machine | Planned |
# This plugin provides aliases for frequent [docker-compose]( commands
# Based upon the work of [tristola](
# Docker-compose related aliases
# Use dco as alias for docker-compose, since dc on *nix is 'dc - an arbitrary precision calculator'
alias dco='docker-compose'
alias dcb='docker-compose build'
alias dce='docker-compose exec'
alias dcps='docker-compose ps'
alias dcrestart='docker-compose restart'
alias dcrm='docker-compose rm'
alias dcr='docker-compose run'
alias dcstop='docker-compose stop'
alias dcup='docker-compose up'
alias dcupd='docker-compose up -d'
alias dcdn='docker-compose down'
alias dcl='docker-compose logs'
alias dclf='docker-compose logs -f'
alias dcpull='docker-compose pull'
alias dcstart='docker-compose start'
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