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......@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ Since Ion does not support autocompletion via plugins, a lot of oh-my-zsh plugin
| gulp | Not happening |
| hanami | Planned |
| hanami | Done |
| helm | Not happening |
# # Hanami Plugin #
# This plugin adds convenient ways to work with [Hanami]( via console.
# It's inspired by Rails plugin, so if you've used it, you'll feel like home.
# ## Usage ##
# For example, type `hc` into your console when you're within Hanami project directory to run
# the application console. Have a look at available shortcuts below. You can read more about
# these commands [on the official website](
alias hc='hanami console'
alias hd='hanami destroy'
alias hg='hanami generate'
alias hgm='hanami generate migration'
alias hs='hanami server'
alias hsp='hanami server -p'
alias hr='hanami routes'
alias hdc='hanami db create'
alias hdd='hanami db drop'
alias hdp='hanami db prepare'
alias hda='hanami db apply'
alias hdv='hanami db version'
alias hdrs='hdd && hdp'
alias hdtp='HET hdp'
alias hrg='hr | grep'
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