Commit b315619f authored by Ashwin A Kumar's avatar Ashwin A Kumar

Improving npm.ion

parent 4955836f
# Install dependencies globally
alias npmg = 'npm i -g '
# npm package names are lowercase
# Thus, we've used camelCase for the following aliases:
# Install and save to dependencies in your package.json
# npms is used by
alias npmS = 'npm i -S '
# Install and save to dev-dependencies in your package.json
# npmd is used by
alias npmD = 'npm i -D '
# Execute command from node_modules folder based on current directory
# i.e npmE gulp
alias npmE='PATH = '$(npm bin)":"$PATH''
# Check which npm modules are outdated
alias npmO = 'npm outdated'
# Check package versions
alias npmV = 'npm -v'
# List packages
alias npmL = 'npm list'
# List top-level installed packages
alias npmL0 = 'npm ls --depth=0'
# Run npm start
alias npmst = 'npm start'
# Run npm test
alias npmt = 'npm test'
# Run npm scripts
alias npmR = 'npm run'
# Run npm publish
alias npmP = 'npm publish'
# Run npm init
alias npmI = 'npm init'
# This plugin adds some aliases for common commands of the [Node package manager](,
alias n = 'npm'
alias nv = 'npm --version'
alias ni = 'npm init'
alias nin = 'npm install'
alias ning = 'npm install -g'
alias nins = 'npm install -S'
alias nind = 'npm i -D'
alias nup = 'npm update'
alias nupg = 'npm update -g'
alias nupn = 'npm install -g npm'
alias nout = 'npm outdated'
alias noutg = 'npm outdated -g'
alias nsea = 'npm search'
alias nr = 'npm run'
alias nl = 'npm ls'
alias nlg = 'npm ls -g'
alias nl0 = 'npm ls --depth=0'
alias nl0g = 'npm ls -g --depth=0'
alias ns = 'npm start'
alias npub = 'npm publish'
alias nt = 'npm test'
alias nh = 'npm help'
alias nd = 'npm docs'
alias nb = 'npm bugs'
alias nrep= 'npm repo'
alias nvi = 'npm view'
alias np = 'npm prune'
alias nu = 'npm uninstall'
alias nug = 'npm uninstall -g'
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