Commit 24040462 authored by AdminXVII's avatar AdminXVII
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fix(regex-match): Avoid recompiling the RegexSet and math full string

Avoid recompiling the regexset for each value, it is wasteful.
Add start and end anchor to match the full value with the regex by default

TODO: Does the regex crate have an option for this?
parent f7c44d79
......@@ -503,13 +503,16 @@ impl<'a> Shell<'a> {
let is_array = is_array(expression.as_ref());
let value = self.expand_string(expression.as_ref())?;
for case in cases.iter() {
if value.iter().all(|value| {
.and_then(|v| self.expand_string(v).ok())
.and_then(|v| RegexSet::new(v).ok())
.map_or(false, |regex| regex.is_match(value))
}) {
let is_match = if let Some(v) = &case.value {
let v = self.expand_string(v)?;
// Anchor to start and end
let v = v.into_iter().map(|v| format!("^{}$", v));
RegexSet::new(v).ok().map_or(false, |regex| value.iter().all(|v| regex.is_match(&v)))
} else {
if is_match {
// let pattern_is_array = is_array(&value);
let previous_bind = case.binding.as_ref().and_then(|bind| {
if is_array {
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