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docs(contributing): Add section in contributing to state MR conventions

- Adds a merge request guidelines section
- Switch to squashed, conventional-style commits for MRs
- Specify preference for rebase over merges
- Link to a resource explaining a recommended git flow
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## Find an issue
# Contributor Guidelines
## Merge Requests
Contributors MUST:
- Discuss a feature before implementing it
- Include unit and integration tests applicable to the changes and fixes you made
- Format your code with `cargo +nightly fmt` before creating a commit
- Follow [Conventional Commit] guidelines, so that our changelogs are useful
- Squash commits, such that each commit clearly does a specific thing, either locally or using gitlab's custom checkbox.
- [Adhere to a git workflow using rebase](
- Rebase upon the master branch, rather than merging it
- [Allow us to make commits on your merge request](
Contributors MUST NOT:
- Have merge commits in their merge requests
- Make breaking changes without clearly documenting them in the commit
- Have commits which do not adhere to [Conventional Commit] guidelines
Contributors SHOULD NOT:
- Worry about code style, because `cargo fmt` renders this a non-issue
[conventional commit]:
## Finding an issue
First, find an area to work on within the shell or one of it's related projects.
This may be:
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