Commit bfa4bfc5 authored by AdminXVII's avatar AdminXVII Committed by Michael Aaron Murphy
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fix: tests with structopt

parent 04922058
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ impl FromStr for KeyBindingsWrapper {
/// Ion is a commandline shell created to be a faster and easier to use
/// alternative to the currently available shells. It is not POSIX compliant.
#[cfg_attr(feature = "advanced_arg_parsing", derive(StructOpt))]
#[cfg_attr(feature = "advanced_arg_parsing", structopt(name = "Ion"))]
#[cfg_attr(feature = "advanced_arg_parsing", structopt(name = "ion"))]
struct CommandLineArgs {
/// Shortcut layout. Valid options: "vi", "emacs"
#[cfg_attr(feature = "advanced_arg_parsing", structopt(short = "-o"))]
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