1.0.3 Release

The following features have been implemented / fixed:

Ion Improvements

  • Implemented changing keybindings between vi and emacs modes w/ set -o vi and set -o emacs
  • Implemented AND, OR, NOT, XOR, LShift, Rshift, ², and ³ in Calc
  • Backlashes are now retained when quoted so that echo -e and tr work correctly
  • Ctrl + C will now clear the prompt when in liner's readline function, instead of exiting
  • Fixed performing redirections with the echo command
  • Implemented reverse indexing w/ negative values
  • Globbing is now performed at the word parsing stage -> globbing works much better now
  • Filenames are now escaped when they contain some special characters
  • Fixed an issue with aliasing support

Improvements to Liner Which Affect Ion

  • Supports handling signals now
  • Auto-suggestions work properly when the auto-suggestion is more than one line.
  • The right arrow key now performs auto-completes