A huge volume of changes have happened since the last release. For those that are using this release, please report as many issues as you can find, submit feature requests, discuss issues on our GitHub Issues page, and seriously test out all of the signal handling and job control mechanics.

Changes Since 1.0.3 Alpha

  • Implemented optionally-typed function parameters
  • Implemented implict cd support (works same as in Fish)
  • Implemented Multiple Tuple-like Assignments
  • Fixed tilde expansions in tab completions
  • Implemented expansions in slicing syntax
  • Implemented braced array variables
  • Implemented length methods
  • Implemented arithmetic expansions
  • Converted @[] into @()
  • Implemented @graphemes(), @bytes(), and @chars()
  • Various tab completion fixes
  • Switched to requiring explicit array assignments
  • Implemented background and foreground management
  • Implemented process group support
  • Implemented &| stdout&stderr piping
  • Implemented signal handling
    • SIGINT (Ctrl+C) handling
    • SIGTERM handling
    • SIGHUP handling
    • SIGTSTP (Ctrl + Z) handling
  • Implemented job control
    • disown
    • wait
    • suspend
    • jobs
    • bg
    • fg

MUSL Linux binaries provided below.