1. 21 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      WIP(ptrace): Only use non-signal stack when using a default handler · 6a3825d4
      jD91mZM2 authored
      This is a curious problem and it's really hard to solve it in a way
      that doesn't feel hacky. On one hand, of course you want to be able to
      modify and intercept what happens when you use a signal, right? On the
      other hand, changes made to the context (especially singlestepping)
      while a signal is handled (such as `SIGSTOP`) are not preserved since
      the stack is restored after the signal handler was invoked.
      I think what we have in this change makes sense anyway, as we don't
      really want users modifying registers and other data in the default
      signal behavior that occurs **in kernel mode**. Also trying to use
      `PTRACE_SINGLESTEP` will set the singlestep flag only if in a
      user-mode signal handler, else it will set it on the instruction after
      the signal handling, which I guess makes sense since it can't affect
      the kernel-mode code that runs the default handler.
      I don't know. Help. Pls.
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      Fix sigaction Undefind Behavior · 8695ecd8
      jD91mZM2 authored
      Rust does not allow a `fn`-pointer to be null. This fixes that, while
      luckily doing it in a way that leaves system calls
      backwards-compatible :)
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      Bare-bones ptracing functionality · 788526a3
      Jeremy Soller authored
      Since even a very basic ptrace can be nice to have, I thought I would split
      the, perhaps rather big, ptrace project up in multiple PRs to make as few
      changes as necessary in each. This PR contains the initial registry modifying
      bits and only a very basic security measure. Letting this out to the community
      should be good for spotting bugs and maybe getting some hype ;)
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      Revert "Merge branch 'ptrace' into 'master'" · 45ea6347
      Jeremy Soller authored
      This reverts merge request !103
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      Merge branch '2018' into 'master' · 78e79fc4
      Jeremy Soller authored
      Switch to 2018 edition
      See merge request !102
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      Switch to 2018 edition · fe705d9b
      jD91mZM2 authored
      Most of this was generated by the absolutely extraordinary `cargo fix`
      subcommand. There were still 2 errors and a few warnings to patch up,
      but compared to the normal 600+ errors, I'd say the fixer did a damn
      good job! I'm also amazed that I could still start the VM after this,
      I half expected some kinds of runtime failure...
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