Commit 412dd4e1 authored by Petr Sumbera's avatar Petr Sumbera
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Fixes fmt issues.

parent 3c1b0eee
......@@ -2060,11 +2060,17 @@ extern "C" {
advice: ::c_int,
) -> ::c_int;
pub fn shmat(shmid: ::c_int, shmaddr: *const ::c_void,
shmflg: ::c_int) -> *mut ::c_void;
pub fn shmctl(shmid: ::c_int, cmd: ::c_int,
buf: *mut ::shmid_ds) -> ::c_int;
pub fn shmat(
shmid: ::c_int,
shmaddr: *const ::c_void,
shmflg: ::c_int,
) -> *mut ::c_void;
pub fn shmctl(
shmid: ::c_int,
cmd: ::c_int,
buf: *mut ::shmid_ds,
) -> ::c_int;
pub fn shmdt(shmaddr: *const ::c_void) -> ::c_int;
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