Verified Commit 42cf862b authored by Jeremy Soller's avatar Jeremy Soller
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WIP: Add Redox Dockerfile and update list of header files

parent cbb3eed3
FROM redoxos/redoxer
RUN mv /root/.redoxer /.redoxer
ENV PATH=$PATH:/.redoxer/toolchain/bin:/rust/bin \
AR_x86_64_unknown_redox="x86_64-unknown-redox-ar" \
CC_x86_64_unknown_redox="x86_64-unknown-redox-gcc" \
CARGO_TARGET_X86_64_UNKNOWN_REDOX_LINKER="x86_64-unknown-redox-gcc" \
CARGO_TARGET_X86_64_UNKNOWN_REDOX_RUNNER="redoxer exec --folder ."
......@@ -478,45 +478,44 @@ fn test_redox(target: &str) {
headers! {
......@@ -524,12 +523,10 @@ fn test_redox(target: &str) {
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