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      Auto merge of #413 - zenhack:CLONE_NEWCGROUP, r=alexcrichton · a6ada003
      bors authored
      Should be fairly self explanatory.
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      Fix musl-i686 CI failures. · cd03b140
      Ian Denhardt authored
      * Override the compiler via CC; ./configure can't seem to detect it.
      * Unset CROSS_COMPILE when running make. Per the comment, we otherwise
        end up invoking commands like i686-ar.
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      Consolidate and fix musl-specific definitions. · 0ecafc31
      Ian Denhardt authored
      Musl 1.1.14 defined these incorrectly, and we followed suit. They're
      fixed in 1.1.15, so we fix them here as well.
      Since these are kernel ABIs, the correct values match other libc
      implementations, so we move them up to the topmost module possible.
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      Test against newer c libraries · 8ff1c417
      Ian Denhardt authored
      * Update the base docker images to ubuntu 16.10
      * Update musl to version 1.1.15
      This is necessary since the versions we were previously using do not
      define CLONE_NEWCGROUP, so adding the symbol to the libc crate causes
      test failures.
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      Define CLONE_NEWCGROUP · 2faafb38
      Ian Denhardt authored
      Currently restricted to non-Android Linux. In theory this should work on
      Android as well (since it's a function of the kernel ABI), but the
      released version of the NDK doesn't export it, so putting it in
      `notbsd/mod.rs` makes Travis very unhappy.
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      Auto merge of #417 - valarauca:master, r=alexcrichton · 7c493967
      bors authored
      Added all additional ptrace options.
      Added additional PTrace Flags.
      All the `PTRACE_O` are flags options values that are passed with `PTRACE_OPTION`.
      The `PTRACE_PEEKSIGINFO_SHARED` is used for setting/fetching signal masks when interacting with thread groups not individual threads.
      `SYSEMU` stuff I pulled from the kernel sources. As far as I can tell these flags haven't been added to `<sys/ptrace.h>`, which is weird because the two `SYSEMU` calls have been live on x64 since 2011. I'm starting a thread on kernel-newies about it.
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      Forgot the x86 changes · 12e1cd18
      William Laeder authored
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      Added all additional ptrace options. · acaea91e
      William Laeder authored
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