Version 0.2.12

* Added definition of _SC_HOST_NAME_MAX for more platforms
* Added a bunch of syslog-related functions, constants, and structs
* Added strnlen binding
* Added PIPE_BUF constant where defined
* Fixed a few structs on Android AArch64
* Added getprogname and setprogname bindings
* Added getloadavg bindings
* Added process_vm_{readv,writev} bindings
* Added many more sysctl constants
* Fixed some ioctl constants on musl targets
* Added pthread_getaffinity_np and pthread_setaffinity_np bindings
* Added more constants related to pthread mutexes
* Added sysinfo bindings for Linux and Android
* Added nice, serpriority, and getpriority bindings
* Added a few SOCK_* constants on Linux
* Added sched_getcpu for Android and Linux
* Added bindings to semaphore APIs on Unix
* Added more WIF* bindings
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