Version 0.2.22

* Add `accept4` to FreeBSD and NetBSD
* More work on Solaris/Illumos
* Expose `*at` functions on more Unix platforms
* Add `fdopendir`
* Add `FIONREAD` for OSX
* Add more `AT_*` constants
* Add more `*64` syscalls on Linux
* Add `fchown`
* Add `UTIME_OMIT`, `UTIME_NOW` on Linux
* Add `O_EXEC`, `O_SEARCH`, `O_PATH`
* Add IPC, SHM, and MSG bindings for FreeBSD
* Add support for `x86_64-linux-android`
* Add IUTF8 to Linux
* Add pthread_atfork
* Add sigprocmask
* Add MINSIGSTKSZ to more platforms
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