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    Build all platforms in CI · 8f1acf46
    gnzlbg authored
    This commit adds a `ci/build.sh` script that checks that libc builds correctly
    for some common configurations (`--no-default-features`, `default`,
    `extra_traits`) on most targets supported by Rust since Rust 1.13.0 (the oldest
    Rust version that libc supports).
    The build matrix is refactored into two stages.
    The first stage is called `tools-and-build-and-tier1` and it aims to discover
    issues quickly by running the documentation and linter builds, as well as
    checking that the library builds correctly on all targets in all supported
    channels and "problematic" Rust versions; Rust versions adding major new
    features like `repr(align)`, `union`, etc. This first stage also runs
    libc-test for the tier-1 targets on linux and osx. These builds finish
    quickly because no emulation is necessary.
    The second stage is called `tier2` and it runs libc-test for all other targets
    for which we are currently able to do so.
    Closes #1229 .
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