Commit 1c1e677a authored by Jason King's avatar Jason King

This fixes issue #1318 - on Solarish systems __posix_readdir_r is only

defined for 32-bit Solarish targets.  Since rust doesn't currently
support 32-bit Solarish targets, the line is both unnecessary and wrong.
parent 0d016338
......@@ -612,8 +612,6 @@ extern {
pub fn readdir(dirp: *mut ::DIR) -> *mut ::dirent;
#[cfg_attr(target_os = "macos", link_name = "readdir_r$INODE64")]
#[cfg_attr(target_os = "netbsd", link_name = "__readdir_r30")]
#[cfg_attr(any(target_os = "solaris", target_os = "illumos"),
link_name = "__posix_readdir_r")]
#[cfg_attr(target_os = "freebsd", link_name = "readdir_r@FBSD_1.0")]
pub fn readdir_r(dirp: *mut ::DIR, entry: *mut ::dirent,
result: *mut *mut ::dirent) -> ::c_int;
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