Commit edd541e6 authored by Dan Gohman's avatar Dan Gohman

Remove FD_SET and related functions for now.

parent 8a5b230c
......@@ -1060,11 +1060,6 @@ extern {
) -> ::locale_t;
pub fn uselocale(loc: ::locale_t) -> ::locale_t;
pub fn FD_CLR(fd: ::c_int, set: *mut fd_set) -> ();
pub fn FD_ISSET(fd: ::c_int, set: *const fd_set) -> bool;
pub fn FD_SET(fd: ::c_int, set: *mut fd_set) -> ();
pub fn FD_ZERO(set: *mut fd_set) -> ();
pub fn __wasilibc_register_preopened_fd(
fd: c_int,
path: *const c_char,
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