1. 19 Apr, 2019 2 commits
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      Touch up style of wasi.rs · bce44545
      Alex Crichton authored
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      Address some PR feedback · 8662b47b
      Alex Crichton authored
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      Add intiial support for wasm32-unknown-wasi · 87def1fb
      Alex Crichton authored
      This target is [being proposed][LINK] int he rust-lang/rust repository
      and this is intended to get coupled with that proposal. The definitions
      here all match the upstream reference-sysroot definitions and the
      functions all match the reference sysroot as well. The linkage here is
      described more in detail on the Rust PR itself, but in general it's
      similar to musl.
      Automatic verification has been implemented in the same manner as other
      targets, and it's been used locally to develop this PR and catch errors
      in the bindings already written (also to help match the evolving sysroot
      of wasi). The verification isn't hooked up to CI yet though because
      there is no wasi target distributed via rustup just yet, but once that's
      done I'll file a follow-up PR to execute verification on CI.
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      Correct mqd_t on DragonFlyBSD · 652b8323
      Torbjørn Birch Moltu authored
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      Add mq_getfd_np() for FreeBSD · 75c71f99
      Torbjørn Birch Moltu authored
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