1. 27 Mar, 2019 3 commits
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      Touch up style of wasi.rs · bce44545
      Alex Crichton authored
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      Address some PR feedback · 8662b47b
      Alex Crichton authored
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      Add intiial support for wasm32-unknown-wasi · 87def1fb
      Alex Crichton authored
      This target is [being proposed][LINK] int he rust-lang/rust repository
      and this is intended to get coupled with that proposal. The definitions
      here all match the upstream reference-sysroot definitions and the
      functions all match the reference sysroot as well. The linkage here is
      described more in detail on the Rust PR itself, but in general it's
      similar to musl.
      Automatic verification has been implemented in the same manner as other
      targets, and it's been used locally to develop this PR and catch errors
      in the bindings already written (also to help match the evolving sysroot
      of wasi). The verification isn't hooked up to CI yet though because
      there is no wasi target distributed via rustup just yet, but once that's
      done I'll file a follow-up PR to execute verification on CI.
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      Build all platforms in CI · 8f1acf46
      gnzlbg authored
      This commit adds a `ci/build.sh` script that checks that libc builds correctly
      for some common configurations (`--no-default-features`, `default`,
      `extra_traits`) on most targets supported by Rust since Rust 1.13.0 (the oldest
      Rust version that libc supports).
      The build matrix is refactored into two stages.
      The first stage is called `tools-and-build-and-tier1` and it aims to discover
      issues quickly by running the documentation and linter builds, as well as
      checking that the library builds correctly on all targets in all supported
      channels and "problematic" Rust versions; Rust versions adding major new
      features like `repr(align)`, `union`, etc. This first stage also runs
      libc-test for the tier-1 targets on linux and osx. These builds finish
      quickly because no emulation is necessary.
      The second stage is called `tier2` and it runs libc-test for all other targets
      for which we are currently able to do so.
      Closes #1229 .
  10. 05 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      Add an integration test for the cmsg(3) functions. · 38cf5b15
      Alan Somers authored
      Since these are defined in C as macros, they must be reimplemented in
      libc as Rust functions.  They're hard to get exactly right, and they
      vary from platform to platform.  The test builds custom C code that uses
      the real macros, and compares its output to the Rust versions' output
      for various inputs.
      Skip the CMSG_NXTHDR test on sparc64 linux because it hits a Bus Error.
      Issue #1239
      Skip the entire cmsg test program on s390x because it dumps core
      seemingly before the kernel finishes booting.
      Issue #1240
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