Commit 7e982610 authored by Dr. Stephen Henson's avatar Dr. Stephen Henson

Avoid use of "echo -n" some platforms don't support it.

parent 79f67018
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ all:
# vendor compiler drivers...
fipscanister.o: fips_start.o $(LIBOBJ) $(FIPS_OBJ_LISTS) fips_end.o
@FIPS_BN_ASM=`for i in $(BN_ASM) ; do echo -n "../crypto/bn/$$i " ; done`; \
@FIPS_BN_ASM=""; for i in $(BN_ASM) ; do FIPS_BN_ASM="$$FIPS_BN_ASM ../crypto/bn/$$i" ; done; \
objs="fips_start.o $(LIBOBJ) $(FIPS_EX_OBJ) $$FIPS_BN_ASM"; \
for i in $(FIPS_OBJ_LISTS); do \
dir=`dirname $$i`; script="s|^|$$dir/|;s| | $$dir/|g"; \
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