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......@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@ There is a (wip) OrbTk book check [OrbTk book](https://github.com/redox-os/orbtk
## Showcases
* [PluralPlanner](https://codeberg.org/PluralTools/PluralPlanner): Task app
* [Plural Planner](https://codeberg.org/PluralTools/Planner): Task app
* [Kanter](https://github.com/lukors/kanter): Node based texture editor
* [twin-commander](https://github.com/kivimango/twin-commander): A twin-panel file manager specifically for the Redox OS
* [Space Editor](https://codeberg.org/flovanco/space-editor): 2D Tile Map Editor compatible with OrbGame
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