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Add PackageHead abstraction to allow use of installed files as a package

parent 4df78bc0
use std::{
fs::{File, OpenOptions},
io::{BufReader, Read, Seek, SeekFrom},
path::{Path, PathBuf},
use sodiumoxide::crypto::sign::PublicKey;
use pkgar_core::{Entry, Header, HEADER_SIZE, PackageSrc};
use crate::{Error, ResultExt};
use crate::ext::EntryExt;
pub struct PackageHead {
head_path: PathBuf,
root_path: PathBuf,
pub(crate) src: BufReader<File>,
header: Header,
impl PackageHead {
pub fn new(
head_path: impl AsRef<Path>,
root_path: impl AsRef<Path>,
public_key: &PublicKey
) -> Result<PackageHead, Error> {
let zeroes = [0; HEADER_SIZE];
let head_path = head_path.as_ref().to_path_buf();
let root_path = root_path.as_ref().to_path_buf();
let file = OpenOptions::new()
.chain_err(|| &head_path )?;
let mut new = PackageHead {
src: BufReader::new(file),
// Need a blank header to construct the PackageHead, since we need to
// use a method of PackageSrc in order to get the actual header...
header: unsafe { *Header::new_unchecked(&zeroes)? },
new.header = new.read_header(public_key)?;
impl PackageSrc for PackageHead {
type Err = Error;
fn header(&self) -> Header {
fn read_at(&mut self, offset: u64, buf: &mut [u8]) -> Result<usize, Self::Err> {;
/// Read from this src at a given entry's data with a given offset within that entry
fn read_entry(&mut self, entry: Entry, offset: usize, buf: &mut [u8]) -> Result<usize, Self::Err> {
if offset as u64 > entry.size {
return Ok(0);
let mut end = usize::try_from(entry.size - offset as u64)
if end > buf.len() {
end = buf.len();
let relative_path = entry.check_path()
.chain_err(|| &self.head_path)?;
let entry_path = self.root_path.join(relative_path);
let mut entry_file = OpenOptions::new()
.chain_err(|| &entry_path)?; as u64))
.chain_err(|| &entry_path)?; buf[..end])
.chain_err(|| &entry_path)
pub use self::file::*;
pub use self::head::*;
mod file;
mod head;
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